Our Ethos

What we aim to achieve

Action for Children's defining statement "as long as it takes" supported by our value base of Hope, Passion and Equality underpins our approach to service delivery and shapes our workforce development strategy as we believe that in order to have a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children, young people and their families we need to create a working environment which supports and equips our staff to deliver high quality interventions.
We have a long history of working with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and have an understanding of their needs and how to engage with them in a positive way which focuses on their strengths and abilities offering them support in a non- stigmatising way. Research and evaluation tells us that developing an effective relationship is the element of service delivery most often correlated with a positive impact.

We have developed a comprehensive framework from recruitment and selection through to induction, learning and development and on-going performance management that supports this approach. The role of leadership and management in this process is key and Action for Children has a comprehensive approach to supporting and developing their leadership team.

We are committed to maximising employee contribution by ensuring that learning and development needs are identified, prioritised and satisfied. Individual development commences at induction, and continues by supporting career development. Induction training is structured and consists of two elements.
The first provides structured core development in areas considered mandatory within the organisation; the second provides capability development support within the service which is specifically identified and linked to the role and the needs of the service.

Beyond induction, development is supported through a range of learning initiatives that include vocational qualifications alongside traditional courses,
​e-learning and blended learning interventions

Our team were collectively involved in developing our ethos statement.