Child Safety Alerts

Button batteries pose 'deadly' risk to toddlers

Surgeons are warning of the potentially deadly risk posed to young children by button batteries.

If accidentally swallowed, the small, round batteries can get lodged in the oesophagus and burn a hole through its lining.

London's Great Ormond Street Hospital has seen a big increase in cases in the past year.

Surgeon Kate Cross said: "Button batteries should be treated like poison and kept out of reach of children".
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EU acts to protect children from laundry tabs

The European Commission has introduced rules which aim to prevent children being poisoned by laundry capsules.

More than 800 million gel capsules, or liquitabs, are sold every year in the UK.

Their popularity has been accompanied by a surge in poisonings of children under five, who are attracted by their brightly coloured, sweet-like appearance.

BBC Scotland has highlighted the dangers of the capsules several times.

Under the new EU regulations, from 01 June all laundry capsules must be packaged in non-transparent boxes, with warnings and a child-resistant closure. They must also be insoluble for 6 seconds and be impregnated with a bitter flavour so that a child will spit out the tab.
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